Comeback post :D

you know what? its a very long time that i've never update this poor blog.. huhu. it has been a year guys !
okay..stop that nonsense thing.. 
hai,, setelah setahun lebih blog tersayang ni terbiar, hari ni saya akan kemas balik for the new update :D
hmm.. actually x de specific title pun untuk bercerita,.. but i miss someone.. it was my crush... i wasn't supposed to like him but it has happened.. why? because i like to watch his face, his own smile, his action.........
and i like him :D.. it was all of a sudden ! time past so fast! i don't know if he actually know or not that i am his admire ! i think that he already know a little bit of my feelings towards him but.. actually if is true, it was an embarassing thing to me.... hmm... but i always thought of if he likes my friend and live happily ever after with her.. :( i also don't know why.... okay..i don't wanna to write more... if not, my heart will explode. 
Assalamualaikum and goodbye :D

if we can be as light as the balloon :'D